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Enjoy the best of a conciergerie and a travel agency combined together

The trend nowadays is to have your personal travel designer. A trend that growing fast in fashion circles, young and old alike, but also among the LGBT+ community and friends of major worldwide cities. Travellers increasingly call for a private travel designer to create trips just as a fashion designer creates a dress made to measure. The advantage is to offer something different to meet your personal demands.

What we can offer

With years of experience and a trusted network in the industry we are ready to meet your expectations.

LBGT+ Friendly

Who better than members of my team including myself as gay men can help you to organise your next holiday?

Let’s have a chat about what you are expecting. We will make sure that you will be welcomed as part of the community.

It is important for you to know the rules according to the country you want to travel to. 

With the right information, knowledge and advice there are ways to travel safely to many destinations.

Hotels & villas

You are looking to stay in luxury hotels, villas or resorts? In Thailand, Indonesia, Greece or France….

Staff dedicated to you. You can have your dream holiday. This is only a test of what you might discover with our affordable villa rentals and luxury hotels all around the world and much more.

You can have your personal shopper, your personal trainer and you can now have your personal travel designer…


Whatever your budget is we can offer the best fares for your flights.

In economy, premium, Business class or first. We will make sure to book your favourite seat on board, book a special meal.

If requested we can also book access to lounges at the airport and organise a private transfer to the airport and on arrival.

Whether you have a favourite airline or not, we will make sure to offer the best rates.


If you are a traveller keen on discovering what a country can offer, I would suggest you book a tour.

Private or in a small group, casual or luxury, half day or multiple days… in any part of the world….

We can organise this new adventure for you with multilingual guides.

You will discover the most famous landmarks in the world with local guides. A tour is the best way to maximise your experience of a destination.

Travel Designer - LBGT Costa Rica

The secret of success


Between us all we have over 20 years of experience in the travel industry.

We are very well travelled and are able to create the perfect holiday for you, your friends and family.


Wherever you are planning to go it is always good to prepare your trip in advance. We are here to give you the best advice about your choice of destination. When to go, places you cannot miss, visa requirements, LGBT+ destinations…


LH Travel Designer is part of a travel agencies network and work with different partners from this network to give you the best service and holiday products on the market at the moment.


In anything you do in life “Passion” is the key. We are a group of passionate and very professional individuals. We’ve travelled all over the world and are ready to share this passion with you.

A few LGBT+ friendly places
where we have been

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what is waiting for you!

Who are we?

I am Lionel Hierso, I am French and I am your personal travel designer based in London. My mission with my team is to take you to another level of travelling, to live unforgettable experiences all around the world. We provide exceptional customised service. We will help you to find and book the perfect hotel, resort, tour, cruise or holiday package and can save you a lot of time, money and aggravation.

With over 20 years of experience in the tourism industry we will be happy to meet your expectations, your dreams and your desires.

Travel Designer - LBGT Lionel Hierso

Travel Designer – Founder

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